Charles O’Rear is a photographer known for his books on wine and wine regions around the world, including Wine Places (2005), Beautiful Wineries (2005), Napa Valley(2001), Napa Valley (1990), Chardonnay (1999), Cabernet (1998), and Fodor’s guidebook, Wine Country (1997). He photographed for National Geographic magazine for 25 years, producing two dozen articles, including one on the wine country of Napa Valley. Earlier in his career, he worked for the Kansas City Star and the Los Angeles Times.

O’Rear began photographing wine when he moved to Napa Valley in 1978, and today owns the largest collection of wine photos in the United States. Many of his photos are archived on the Corbis Collection and have appeared in thousands of publications, movies, and on television. O’Rear’s work can be viewed on Corbis and at Wineviews Publishing

Dauphne Larkin is a writer specializing in the wine industry. She is a former United Nations journalist, reporter for Newsweek International, television news writer, contributing editor for Parenting magazine, and senior vice president of corporate communications for a Fortune 500 company. In 1995, she won the prestigious “Distinguished Service to Journalism Alumni Award” from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism for pioneering the story of children in America who live with disabilities.

Charles O’Rear and Daphne Larkin have spent years traveling the world together to produce wine books. They live in Napa Valley, California, and are the parents of Michael, Stephanie, Lucien and Zoë.